Closet Cleaning (estimate 1-3 hrs)
Organize your life… And start with your closet! This service is designed for the person that loves to pack everything away. The focus is to organize, sort and clean out what used to look like a closet. The process does not require the client to be present. Come home to a brand new (organized) closet! *Pre-service phone or e-mail consultation is included*
Closet Consultation (estimate 2-3 hrs)
A broader and more intense closet cleaning, the closet consultation focuses on editing and organizing your wardrobe. Piles will be made to donate, tailor and try-on. A “fill in the holes” shopping list is created during the process so the client will “Buy what they need and Use what they have”. Additionally, knowing what you own will allow you to wear it.
Shopping (estimate 4-5 hrs)
This session is designed to buy the proper pieces for the client’s individual wardrobe. A budget is determined beforehand, along with shopping destinations. The client is given the option to attend and learn shopping techniques or have their new wardrobe show up on their doorstep! Purchases and returns are included in this hourly fee.
Styling (estimate 3 hours)
Bring your clothing to life! Learn how to wear your favorite pieces multiple ways. Mix together your existing wardrobe and new purchases or work only with what you already own. Up to 50 new looks will be created and photographed. Your “look book” should be viewed as a guideline for creating other outfits. Pick a picture, switch out the top, shoes and bag for a completely different look!
On-Line Style Services
Just a click away, have access to Amy Salinger and her team nationwide. Begin with a video consultation to view your wardrobe, determine what to keep, toss or tailor and create a “fill in the holes” shopping list. From there, let the store come to you through on-line shopping. Finally, finish up with a video styling session. Try on your newly purchased items and create up to 50 looks mixing together your current wardrobe and new garments. Service and style all from the comfort of your own home!

Friend referrals: Receive one complimentary hour.
Pricing upon request. Please Contact Us for More Information.

Junior stylists available nationwide. Always have access to fix a fashion emergency!


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